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Introduced at the end of 2021, Zoosk Great Dates offers an innovative twist on virtual dating. Here’s the gist of it. When you’re ready for a virtual date, you link up with your date via video on the website. On your screen, you’ll see not only your date but also a virtual depiction of an exciting location around the globe. Together, you can decide on your virtual destination, choosing from places like Japan, Italy, or Greece, and select what sights you’d like to explore.

This concept might seem a bit unusual at first, but it’s actually quite fascinating. It provides an opportunity to virtually visit and learn about unique locations around the world, all while engaging in conversation with someone new.




Key highlights of Zoosk Great Dates include:

– It’s the first service of its kind to offer interactive dating experiences.

– You have the option to “travel” to destinations such as Japan, Italy, and Greece.

– It officially kicked off on December 6, 2021.

– This feature is included at no extra cost with a standard paid subscription to Zoosk.

– It’s a distinctive and engaging way to connect with new people without leaving your home.

How Does Zoosk Work?

Zoosk is available on Android and iOS devices, as well as via web browser, offering a flexible platform for users. The sign-up process is quick, allowing registration through Facebook or Google accounts—a feature not commonly found on all dating sites. Opting not to link social media results in a basic initial profile.

The sign-up asks for simple information like age, interest, and a profile photo, along with a brief questionnaire covering basic personal details. This setup is less detailed compared to the comprehensive profiles required by other dating services like eharmony or OkCupid but allows users to start browsing quickly.

Zoosk encourages users to flesh out their profiles by adding more information and verifying their email. After this step, users can choose a display name and provide further details such as profession, income, and marital status, which surprisingly aren’t asked for upfront. The platform also enables users to showcase their interests through customizable “interest tiles,” echoing the late 2000s Facebook vibe. Additionally, there’s room for users to write about themselves, describe their ideal match, and detail their perfect date, offering a mix of guided and open-ended prompts for a more personalized profile.

How much do the services cost?



The website presents a straightforward interface for users, focusing primarily on profile photo swiping to make connections, supplemented by basic personal information gathered during the signup phase. For those interested in delving deeper, profiles offer a “story” section detailing personal bios, descriptions of the ideal match, and preferred date ideas. Expressing interest in someone is easy—users can either send a smiley face for friendship or a heart for romantic interest, and there’s also the option to send personalized messages or use one of Zoosk’s pre-crafted icebreakers.

While navigating through the platform, you may come across profiles labeled simply as “A Zoosk Member,” indicating a less detailed profile. However, many users take the time to fully complete their profiles. For added authenticity, Zoosk allows users to verify their accounts through a photo, phone number, or Twitter account, which adds a green check mark to their profile as a badge of legitimacy. Although ads are present, their frequency and intrusiveness have been reduced compared to previous versions of the app.

Zoosk aims to simplify the matchmaking process by sending daily emails to users, highlighting potential matches. This feature suggests that Zoosk pays attention to users’ preferences and desires in their search for companionship. The platform’s use of “Behavioral Matchmaking” technology, which adapts to user preferences over time to suggest more suitable matches, likely enhances the relevance of these daily suggestions, making the search for meaningful connections more intuitive.

Pros & Cons

  • 1. Extensive Membership: A large member base increases the likelihood of finding a compatible match.

  • 2. Gender Balance: Site maintains a good balance of men and women on the platform.

  • 3. Equal Treatment: Both men and women are treated equally; there’s no free membership bias, promoting mutual respect.

  • 4. Safety Assurance: Site boasts very few fake profiles, ensuring a secure online environment.

  • 5. User Empowerment: Users can easily report or block fraudulent or abusive profiles, enhancing safety measures.

  • 6. Responsive Solutions: Zoosk actively addresses issues, exemplified by the introduction of Insignia—a three-step verification to combat fake military profiles.

  • 1. Sequential Browsing: Users are limited to viewing profiles one at a time, potentially slowing down the search process.

  • 2. Messaging Restrictions: Messaging features are restricted unless users opt for a paid subscription.

  • 3. Limited Interest Search: The absence of a search option based on common interests may limit personalized matching.

  • 4. Carousel Photo Requirement: Only Zooskers with a photo are eligible to use the Carousel feature, potentially excluding some users.

  • 5. Microtransactions Complexity: Numerous microtransactions and upgrades can make the platform confusing and potentially expensive for users.


The website has rapidly grown into a popular dating platform, connecting singles worldwide. With a vast user base exceeding 40 million, the platform has facilitated numerous lasting friendships and relationships over the past decade.

Distinguished by its Behavioral Matchmaking system, Zoosk relies on user behavior rather than explicit preferences, making online matching more intuitive and effective. The SmartPicks feature continually evolves as users explore the platform, providing an incentive for singles to engage in browsing, liking, and flirting.

Based in San Francisco, the team is dedicated to creating innovative ways to assist and delight modern singles. The platform injects fun into dating with various upgrades, matching games, and search tools to keep users engaged. You can explore Zoosk for free and subscribe when you’re ready to transition from browsing to chatting. 

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Is Zoosk a safe site?

Zoosk has implemented various safety measures to create a secure environment for its users. However, like any online platform, it’s essential for users to exercise caution and follow best practices for online dating safety. Here are some aspects of Zoosk’s safety features:

  • Verification System: The website offers a verification system that users can use to add legitimacy to their profiles. Verified profiles display a green check mark.
  • Reporting and Blocking: Users have the ability to report or block individuals who engage in fraudulent or abusive behavior. This feature helps in maintaining a safer community.
  • Online Dating Safety Guide: Zoosk provides an Online Dating Safety Guide to educate users on safe practices and help them navigate the platform securely.
  • Photo Verification: Zoosk has a Photo Verification feature, which can reduce the presence of false profiles by confirming the authenticity of users’ profile pictures.

While Zoosk takes measures to enhance safety, it’s important for users to be vigilant, avoid sharing personal information too quickly, and report any suspicious activity to the platform. Additionally, meeting in public places for the first time and informing someone trustworthy about your plans can contribute to a safer online dating experience.

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