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June, 2023 is a trusted and recommended dating platform that helps men and women worldwide to meet, to get acquainted, and to date. They suggest their help to men mostly from The US, The UK, and Europe but work with men from all over the world. Ladies are mostly from Russia and Ukraine so if you are in search or Russian or Ukrainian bride this website will be able to help you.

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Important information about the website, they declare that they have a wide branch of local agencies and as a result only checked ladies can be registered on This is principal because there are a lot of local marriage agencies and some of them don’t work in the legal field. The trusted website declares that they don’t work with doubtful agencies and has its wide branch.

As a member of a trusted website you’ll get:

  • User friendly search
  • A lot of single women
  • Strong Anti-Scam policy
  • A big variety of services
  • A wide branch of local agencies in Ukraine. Services Expert’s Review


The first email is free so a lot of men use this service to start communication and let the lady know some basic information about them and their life.

Hot video chat

Do you prefer to communicate and to see the reaction? This is for you. In this chat, you will see the lady but you don’t hear her, she writes to you and you write back. However, you both see each other and enjoy time together.

Letter decoration

Make your letter look cute and nice to put a smile on your lady’s face.

Photo and Audio exchange

You and your lady may exchange private photos and video without adding to the profile.

Flowers and gifts delivery

There is a big variety of presents. You may order flowers, a bottle of champagne or sweets. At the same time, you may pay and impress your lady by jewelry or professional makeup. If your lady would like to study English, it’s possible to organize lessons for her.

Trips organization

The next step in your relationships is a meeting in real life. The agency will organize your trip, you will have a personal guide, and translation will be provided. There are different trip packages and you will need to choose the one you need.

SMS to women

Don’t want to wait for the answer too long or have something important or urgent to say, write SMS.

Telephone calls

Men can order this service beforehand and the agency will organize a phone call and will help with translation.

Video conference

A Skype video conference when you can hear and see each other. Professional translation is not a problem in case it is needed. Expert’s Rating: Pros and Cons

The main pros are:

  1. Safety. Strong Anti-Scam policy protects both ladies and men. The website doesn’t share personal information and doesn’t transfer it to third parties. All the ladies are checked and only real women’s profiles may be added to the website.
  2. User-friendly search and attractive website. is a convenient and modern platform to communicate. The easy search allows you to filter the profiles and to find the right girl just for you.
  3. Many single women. A lot of Russian and Ukrainian girls prefer this website because it is convenient, safe, and free for them. Single Russian, Ukrainian women join because they want to build a family and to meet a serious man there.
  4. Free registration and free first letters. This option saves money and allows to write to the lady you like for free.
  5. A wide range of services. There are a lot of services and you may choose your favorite one.
  6. Discounts and special offers. You always have a discount buying service packages like free minutes or extra letter credits. Weekly special offers are made for men to help them to get the best services for reasonable prices. cons are:

  1. Women are very active. Women write a lot and invite men to video chat. Nobody makes you answer all the requests, just check the profile and decide if you’d like to get acquainted with the girl.
  2. Prices. Some men claim that they spend too much on communication with ladies. That does happen when you answer all the ladies and spend a lot of time in video chat. You need to filter who to answer if you are on a budget. Prices and Membership Expert’s Review

There is no monthly membership payment, the website suggests you free registration and it gives you a lot of options. You may use the search for free and look through the ladies’ profiles free of charge. That’s very convenient and gives you the basic information about the website and lets you choose the lady you like. The first letter that you write to the lady is free as well. You may write the first letter to introduce yourself and to start communication for free.

After that, you will need to buy credits to go on communication. 1 letter credit costs $6.99 that includes one translated letter to a lady and one translated return letter. The more credits you buy, the cheaper credits are for you. The most popular email credit package is 20 Email credits when 1 credit costs only $4.99. At the same time, the cheapest price for e-mail credit is $3.49 but you have to buy 200 credits at once. The price for very popular hot video chat starts at 10 minutes in video chat for $14.95 and you get an extra 3 minutes for free. If you want to spend 1 hour in video chat, you’ll pay $72.45 and will get 10 free minutes.

Dating services Cost (USD)
1 Email credit $6.99
20 E-mail credits / $ 4.99 per 1 credit (popular) $99.99
1 Video credit $5.99
10 Video credits / $ 4.99 per 1 credit (popular) $49.99
10 min Video Chat + 3 minutes Free $14.95
60 min VideoChat + 10 minutes Free (popular) $72.45
video conference for 30 minutes (popular) $80
Phone call 30 minutes (popular) $40

It’s necessary to mention that all prices are clear for users and the team gives them in the table on the website. All the payments are safe and anonymous, you may use your credit card or PayPal.

Overall: Is a Scam or Trusted Site?

The registration for men is pretty easy and you’ll be able to do this very fast. All the needed information you will find on the website, the platform works fast, and if any emergency, you will need to contact the support team.

You are always welcome to read the reviews, you will find a lot of people writing about their experience. - a lot of people writing about their experience

A lot of men and women found their love and happiness on and they share their thoughts and give good pieces of advice. Read reviews and love stories and decide if you like this website or not. Is scam site? Reading the love stories, it’s difficult to believe that it may be true. You should remember about red flags and never send money to anyone online on any website. – love stories

  • Safe
  • User friendly
  • Big choice of single ladies
  • Free registration
  • Free first letters
  • A lot of services
  • Discounts and special offers
  • Activity of the women
  • High prices
  • No matching algorithm
TrustScore rating
  • Easy to use: 8/10
  • Easy registration: 7/10
  • Number of accounts: 8/10
  • Quality of profiles: 9/10
  • Simplicity of search: 10/10
  • Customer Support: 9/10
  • Price: 5/10
  • Financial Security: yes
  • Innovation Features: yes
  • Services Variety: yes
  • Scam: no
  • Free photo access: yes
  • Free letters sending: yes
  • Two-way video chat: yes Reviews (13)

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