differences between a Russian girlfriend and an American gir

It’s possible to talk about the difference not only between Russian and American girlfriend. Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian ladies have much in common so let’s talk about the main differences between Slavic ladies and American ones. It is very important to understand that different cultures means different habits and sometimes you may be shocked by something.

Ok, let’s start, Slavic ladies take care of themselves, they prefer nice clothes, high-heeled shoes and makeup. Russian or Slavic girl will never come to the date wearing a cap just because she didn’t have time to wash her hair. Of course, she may come in a cap but only if this cap is a part of her look, and there is no doubt that her hair is clean. The ladies often visit the cosmetologist, the hairdresser and attend different courses where ladies get special knowledge about style, makeup and fashion. They are supposed to be more feminine and they are proud that men all over the world suppose that the prettiest ladies are Slavic. A lot of ladies have master degree, after school they go to the university, but it is very common when their future job isn’t connected with the education they got.

Comparing with American ladies Russian ones devote more time to the family, they work but mostly their career isn’t on the first place. They prefer to share household chores, for example, fixing things will be the work for her husband and she will cook, clean and do the washing-up. Having a husband, taking care of her children and doing the chores is what the ladies are been taught since childhood. They don’t put their interests above the family, they are not interested in the career but at the same time they usually have a job, want to help husband and to earn some money for the family. Russian women are not looking for equality in the relationships, they are happy to cook nice dinner in the evening or to spend the weekend with their family, they like to care and they like to get support from the husband. Comparing with American ladies who like to be independent and appreciate their freedom, Russian ladies are not afraid to be weak and to depend on the husband, it is normal for them and this is what they saw in their families since childhood, that’s why they take this as a norm.

The best advice is to check it yourself, all people are unique and you will have your own experience because you are unique and ladies, who you are dating, are special, they may have the whole set of qualities or maybe you will meet ladies who don’t and you will tell that everything that I wrote you is a stereotype. Try and you’ll get the answer.

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