Kisses on the first date… Is it possible to achieve this? What do guys think about the issue? And the women? How to do it nicely and in due time so that the first date does not become the only one? These and other burning questions will be answered in the following article by the experts from the UaDreams dating site.

One can safely say that there is no guy in the world who would not dream of kissing a girl right on the first date. At the same time, the opinions of girls differ. Some ladies believe that kissing on a first date is ok. Others do not allow it until they are sure of their feelings for a guy, and some consider trying to kiss them on a first date as haste or disrespect.

So is it worth it to try it from the first meeting? All experts advise you never to consider a kiss a mandatory completion of a successful date. If it happens now – great!

However, the girl may not be ready for kisses, this does not mean that you behaved incorrectly. If everything goes smoothly and your lady seems enraptured and enchanted by you, then it makes sense to try. But do not rush to get angry and upset if you immediately could not close your lips. Maybe it will happen later. Act like a knight and do not despair.

Best tips for kissing

Best tips for kissing her on a first date.

And although the kiss on the first date is not something inevitable, it is only quite possible. Therefore, we must be ready for it in all senses. And everyone knows that a good strategy is half the success. So, we have selected some useful tips for you to increase your chances not only for the first kiss with the girl you like but also for the second date after your first one.

Make her wish to kiss you.

There is no need to remind you that your hair and clothes should be clean and neat (if possible, well-groomed and stylish, respectively). And of course, you need your breath to be fresh (brush your teeth, use a refreshing spray). Now if you get the happy opportunity to kiss a girl – you will be ready for this at least physically

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Not too much excitement or nervousness in the movements and voice!

Nobody can be cool as a cucumber on the first date, especially if he is going to kiss his lady. However, there are a few tips. Practice before in front of the mirror, relax your face, smile gently, try to slow down your breathing – all this will help you to take off your nervousness.

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Use your charisma, create the appropriate mood!

There is nothing better than cute compliments and easy conversation with a large share of flirting. Tell a funny story that happened to you once – laughter relieves tension. Give the girl something sweet with a hint of your deep interest in her.

Body language is your everything.

Soft, as if casual, touch during a conversation, admiring glances – all this sometimes acts stronger than words. What are the body “signals” from the girl? If she responds to your looks and smiles, shortens the distance between you, then maybe this is the right moment for kissing. By the way, it must be sweet and quick for the first time.

Honestly and directly admit that you want a kiss.

It sometimes works flawlessly. Many girls like it. You can thank her for the magical evening and say that she is so beautiful and it is impossible not to dream of a kiss, ask what she thinks of it. Even if the girl doesn’t kiss you right now, it will make her smile and give you chances for the future.

The girl dodged a kiss? No problem!

You have not lost at all. Just this pleasure will be for some time. The only thing that can destroy your further chances is anger and excessive assertiveness. So be a patient gentleman and wait for the right moment.

God knows if you are lucky to kiss a girl on the first date. But the main thing is to create a good first impression by behaving like a knight, naturally and wittily supporting the conversation.

If you are well-groomed and pleasant to talk to, then your chances are great enough. Is a good first kiss a guarantee of a happy love relationship? What can it say to you? For future relationships, there are a lot of more important things than the kiss on the first date.

Luck may be delayed, but it always comes to those who never give up. Believe that everything will work out!

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