Learning to read women’s body language

The wise say that God can understand a woman. Most men trying to meet their true love are ready to subscribe to this maxim.

How to find out what she meant by that message in response to your invitation to date? But there is a secret that will help you understand, without words, what impression you made on the lady. And this is body language.

Our experts have developed a small guide for you, how being a bit more attentive you can “decode” a woman’s body language.

It is so easy to interpret correctly the body language of his dream lady. The main thing is to be focused on some involuntary gestures that give out how a person reacts to a specific situation and you. Sometimes it is not so important what the girl says, but more weighty is how she sits or stands, or where her gaze is directed.

If you meet a woman (especially if you like her), then in dialogue, as in dance, you need to catch the movements of your partner to tune in to her wave. To better understand this issue, the dating experts conducted a humorous online survey among Ukrainian and Russian women who have placed their profiles with us.

The girls were offered various situations on a date with a guy and options for reflex reactions (for example, a) I turn away; b) lower my eyes; c) purse my lips). The girl made an instant choice. After analyzing the results, our experts have formed this set of simple tips to help you, understanding the body language of women, avoid standard mistakes in communication, and quickly find your happiness.

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Her eyes and lips are important!

It’s not a secret to anyone that eye contact is important in communication, and on a date with a lady, it is simply vital. Women (and all people) perceive the desire to look into the interlocutor’s eyes as an expression of openness, trust, and friendly disposition. During the survey, all Ukrainian and Russian girls chose a specific reaction in case of discomfort when communicating with a man.

Look at her eyes and you will understand everything. And by the way, do not forget about women’s lips, they can reveal a lot to you. Of the Ukrainian ladies who participated in the humorous online questionnaire, many replied that “they involuntarily lick their lips or slightly open them” if they want to kiss a guy during a date. Look where she watches, if she looks at your lips, you know what to do.

Is she playing with her locks time after time?

If she touches her hair what does it meant? Our questionnaire showed that if a Ukrainian or Russian lady on a date continually “straightens or goes through her curls looking down or to the side,” then most likely she thinks that the conversation should be more interesting.

If you noticed this, then it is probably worth changing the topic of conversation or asking your companion whether everything is ok. However, if your beauty “winds a curl on a finger or goes over a strand of hair looking into your eyes” — you are lucky because it is an undoubtedly coquettish move.

What about the position of the body and the hands of a woman?

If you are interested in continuing your relationship with the lady, her body language is important. And this means that the position of her body in relation to yours is especially important. All the Ukrainian and Russian girls who took part in our survey were practically unanimous in choosing the item “involuntarily turning towards the interlocutor” when it came to the situation of chatting with a pleasant and nice guy.

The same with her hands’ position. If a girl feels pleasantly and comfortably with you, then her hands are either on the sides of the body or on the table (or touch yours slightly). Pay attention at her arms, open arms and shoulders is a good sign for you.

Does she laugh and how does she do it?

An essential detail to remember is laughter. If a girl laughs at your jokes, that’s great! How to check if it’s a sincere reaction? Thus, according to a humorous questionnaire, Ukrainian women responded that they sometimes “used to laugh or smile out just to be polite”.

But remember, you will realize if it is a true one, being able to read a woman’s body language when she laughs. If the lady you are interested in is laughing while using the whole body: a radiant look, a wide smile with teeth, shoulders trembling with laughter — most likely, your chances of mutual love are quite high.

Is the woman feels relaxed?

From the body language of the lady sitting next to you, with a close look, it is not at all difficult to determine if she is having a good time with you. A relaxed body position, frequent eye contact, a friendly smile testify to the ease of your communication, and bright prospects for the future.

Finally, we can’t fail to note that knowledge of the women’s body language opens up the possibility for you to reach an understanding with the girl of your dreams. Place your profile on a website like UaDreams and you will be able to get acquainted with the charming Ukrainian and Russian ladies and check how effective the advice of our experts. Do not delay the search for true love for later!

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