Dream-Singles Review and Our Experience

Dream-Singles is an esteemed online matchmaking platform, established in 2003, with a specific focus on facilitating connections with single women of Eastern European descent. The platform proudly asserts its success in fostering over 10,000 enduring and content relationships since its inception.


dream-singles review


If someone wants to find a wife in Ukraine. Is Dream-Singles a suitable site?


The belief that online dating seldom leads to serious relationships is widespread, particularly among people of varying ages, with the older generation being the most numerous. This skepticism is rooted in various reasons, ranging from reluctance to embrace technological advancements in personal lives to past negative experiences in the realm of online dating.

The question arises: is it accurate to label online dating as unpromising? Given the vast and diverse nature of this niche, making categorical and unequivocal statements is challenging. The outcome of online dating often depends on the individual’s goals and intentions. If someone is seeking casual acquaintances and light-hearted communication without serious commitment, the results may be limited. Free dating platforms cater to such purposes, but they also carry the risk of potential fraud, although without obligations.

dream singles review

However, the landscape changes when an individual is in search of genuine love and a life partner. Conventional dating sites may not suffice in such cases, leading individuals to explore platforms that offer professional assistance in finding a future spouse.

Numerous professionals specialize in facilitating such connections, connecting beautiful women from less affluent countries with men in Western countries seeking a life partner. In this scenario, both parties stand to benefit, creating a mutually advantageous situation.

While there is a proliferation of sites catering to such matchmaking, the prevalence of scams poses a risk of wasting time and money. Despite this, success stories of genuine connections are not uncommon. Dream-Singles is a prominent platform in this niche, focusing on dating with Ukrainian girls known for their natural beauty and adherence to traditional family values.

The platform’s success stories coexist with reviews highlighting potential scams. For a comprehensive understanding, checking a Dream-Singles review becomes essential to navigate a site that elicits varied reactions from its users.

Initial Overview and Fundamental Details


Dream-Singles in a nutshell:

  • Dating site catering to single Americans seeking Eastern European matches
  • Utilizes innovative technology, providing services like live chat, live video, and email
  • Translation services offered during calls and online dates
  • No mobile app currently available
  • Offers a 3-day free trial for first-time registrants
  • Operates with anti-scam protection for member security
  • Free usage available, give it a test run now
  • Pricing commences at $9.99 per month, detailed information can be found here.


How much do the services at Dream-Singles cost?

The site provides a diverse range of services including matchmaking, live chat, live video, and email to simulate a real-life dating atmosphere. Additionally, their in-platform translation services cater to a global audience.


Price of Membership 

Membership (1 month) Cost (USD)
Silver 9.99
Gold 29.99
Platinum 49.99
Diamond 99.99


Price of Credits


900 Credits 0.42 USD / Credit 379.00 USD
435 Credits 0.46 USD / Credit 199.00 USD
310 Credits 0.48 USD / Credit 149.00 USD
175 Credits 0.57 USD / Credit 99.00 USD
95 Credits 0.63 USD / Credit 60.00 USD
40 Credits 0.75 USD / Credit 30.00 USD


Is it safe to use Dream-Singles?

The safety and reliability of Dream-Singles seem to be subject to mixed reviews. Feedback on the services provided is varied, presenting a dual perspective. Some users express sharply negative responses, while others recommend improvements in service quality or better value for money. 

The site administration appears to be making efforts, or at least declaring attempts, to provide quality service, even though these efforts may not always be successful. However, criticisms point to the service’s overall quality, and using the site is deemed inconvenient, especially when compared to competitors. This dissatisfaction leads to waves of negativity, particularly from users who experience immediate discomfort. There is a suggestion that developers could enhance the quality of services or consider a more competitive fee structure for acquaintances, with the former being the preferable scenario as people are often willing to pay for quality service.

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Dream-Singles dating site is deemed imperfect and comes with a relatively high cost for its services, with other platforms offering better value. Despite its drawbacks, reviews suggest that genuine connections can be made on the site. Potential users may find it worthwhile to invest some time exploring the site, and if a Ukrainian girl sparks interest, initiating communication might be a sensible next step.

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