body language of women

Our communication is not only words, we communicate with the help of emotions and body language as well. By the way, nonverbal communication is the fastest form and the most influencing one. Our body always says the truth and women’s bodies are always truthful.

That’s why it’s so important for you to know the signs, to read her body, you will know what she is thinking about, what she wants, what her intentions and desires are. The scientists say that 7 percent of women’s communication is verbal. The tone of voice is extremely important and takes around 38 percent of her communication. What about body language? That takes 50 percent of women’s communication. That says that our body tells us more than our words and for sure we should be more attentive to our body because it shows the partner if we are telling the truth. A lot of things are done unconsciously and that is what we really think. So what are body language signs of attraction to women?

Eye contact

her eyes are the mirror of the soul

The body language of women in love is so cute. First of all, her eyes. Yes, people say that eyes are the mirror of the soul and that is the truth. Looking into her eyes you will be able to read her mind. You need to look in her eyes, what do you see there? Sparks and delight? If your answer is positive, that’s great because you are doing everything right. Your woman is interested in you and communication with you. By the way, this is a good piece of advice if you don’t know the lady and wish to get acquainted with her. That may be in the café, in transport or a bus stop, anywhere. Everything you need is to catch her sight, if she looks at you and does not turn her head starting to look at something more interesting for her, that is a good sign for you. Come to her and say hello.

Hair or clothing touching

she wants to look more attractive (touches her hair or clothes)

When she touches her hair or clothes that means she wants to look more attractive, to look better for the person who she stands nearby. She may do this unconsciously just because she is interested in you, this is her way to show you to go ahead immediately. Congratulations you have good chances. She likes you and she wants you to like the way she looks, that is principal for her that is why she tries to make her hairstyle and clothes better.

Light touches on the arm or shoulder

You realized that she has just touched your arm or shoulder, what does it say to you? Is that a good sign? Definitely yes! That says about her interest and attraction. She feels great with you and these touches say that she tries to break some physical barriers and to add some intimacy to your conversation or relationships. She gives you a sign and she is waiting for your actions, don’t miss this moment. Let her know that you are interested in her and you wish to move to the next stage of the relationship together.

Turns away or looks away

We have talked a lot about the signs that show the interest, right now it’s time to talk about the signs that may help you to understand that she doesn’t want to communicate. You are communicating but she doesn’t look at you, she looks somewhere around or checks time and messages on her phone. This is her way to show that she is bored and the conversation isn’t interesting for her. What to do? To be a gentleman and to go on looking for your lady. The one who will listen to you with her eyes and mouth open wide. There are a lot of women around you, you will find your only one.

A woman’s smile tells us about

Girls smile tells us about

Her smile will tell you a lot. Look at her lips and decide what kind of smile you see. When your woman smiles, you should look at her cheeks and corners of her eyes. If the smile is real, her cheeks will go up and you will see wrinkles in the corners of her eyes. If she pretends, only her lips will smile. You know, it’s very easy to see a real smile because her eyes smile or even laugh as well. That is the body language of flirting women, believe.

What can a woman’s hands tell about?

Crossed hands is a sigh that everybody knows, that shows you that she isn’t interested in. However, when she touches her biceps that say that you should better change the theme of conversation or she just doesn’t feel comfortable. Be observant and look at her hands and arms.

What can a woman’s hands tell about?

Women are so mysterious creatures and they have so many secrets. However, you will be successful if you know how to read the body language of women. We do hope that you will be able to use all our helpful tips and you will understand the woman who you are with. That may be the first date, just a woman on the train with you or a lady you are dating for a long time. Her body will tell you more than her words and you will always know all her secrets. Decoding the body language of women is an easy job when you know what you should pay attention to.

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